led candle light 5w can reach 360degree 550lms CRI>80
led candle light 5w can reach 360degree 550lms CRI>80
led candle light 5w can reach 360degree 550lms CRI>80
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             led  candle light 5w can reach 360degree 550lms CRI>80

Now there is one new type of led candle light which can get 550lms, CRI>80, Very popular in the world. and can save much energy! there is a sample can show:

you know one of my friend use the traditional bulb for his hotel,he found just energy fee is much very day.  he told to us one time when we are eating. we said: don't worry ,use this led candle light instead of old bulb in Crystal Light. he is doubt at first time: really? you can help us! I can buy you bulb and prepare a dinner to you if your idea is ok!"

"of course, we are friend. why not . we can offer the led candle light bulb intead of old bulb. and you can know how much energy you can save one month! ok? "  

“ greatly, my friend. I will try ! pls arrange the item as soon as possible! thank you! dear"

 "no problem . Now let's do it, see you ,my friend"

One Month later:

  " hello ,peter, you are right. your company oner led light is greatly,help us save much energy. thanks. you know our traditional led bulb can use this energy, but this new item can use this, like the following:

and the new functions it can 360degree:

" right. greatly. hahaha"

" now let's get to have dinner with your oner company led light colleague. I want thanks you!"

"No problem. cheers"

We have a dinner in happy late at night. many other customer coming our Oner company ask led lgiht(like led g9, g4, downlight, Gu10,spotinglight..)after hear this example. we help them save energy and also they help us open the market!

Very nice a customer! we always have play and become good friend after this!

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