Our website opening
Our website opening
oner new website opening with led product and gift , you can get led tube, light, G9, finger puppet
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Our website is opening at this time draws from our harding working in past month!

You know in order to get it, the following steps is the neccessary :

the first :

we must confirm what's we want ,it is the key which relate so many things from the all kinds of what we are good at product.

the product standard:you are good at and family , and the more important the product should rare and big demand by market!

product pictures should collect and make a shape beautiful!

the second:

You should know who can help you construct the website and how to select the website company,there are all experencs which we have pay more time and money to get it!

the third:

construct and communicate with the website company, there are also many things need us to do!

ok ,good,there are main things that on the process to set a website!

thus the details will following at next news!

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